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You’re here because you want a knowledge base solution that works.
WP Knowledgebase is the WordPress plugin that will help your users help themselves, will save you time, money and a lot of headaches.

Save time, own your content and make
your users happier

Save Time

With a knowledge base on your side you'll reduce the time you spend answering support requests and provide quicker answers to your users.

Own Your Content

By working 100% on WordPress, your knowledge base will always be yours. You'll sleep better at night knowing no company will be able to gatekeep your hard worked content.

Happier Users

Give users instant answers, all day, every day. With a knowledge base by their side, your users will have answers quicker and your team an easier time managing support requests.

Light, powerful and easy to use

Build and maintain your knowledge base with no fuss.
Start with free, extend with PRO.

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Build your knowledge base the way you want to

Add and edit as many articles as you need
Organizing everything with hierarchical categories
Order both your articles and your categories
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Available in free

Deliver instant answers to your users

Add live search on any knowledge base page
Customize the search message to fit your persona
Enable article excerpts to offer more context
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Stop guessing what your users are searching for

Inspect each individual search query
View the most popular searches
Analyze searches that haven't returned any results
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Set up a private knowledge base or wiki with just a few clicks

Restrict access to your knowledge base content
Allow access only to certain user roles or individual users
Redirect unauthorized users to a custom page
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More features coming soon

Article Feedback

Learn from user feedback. Place a feedback widget and form at the bottom of your articles to let your users share their experience with you.

Related Articles

Guide your users through the knowledge base. Add a list of related articles at the bottom of an article, so your users always have access to answers.

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WP Knowledgebase as seen by our users

It is the best plugin I could find to fit my needs. It’s easy to set up and the backend interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

Would recommend and will definitely use it for future projects.

Roland Murg

I needed to migrate our knowledge base from a 3rd party site to our site and I wanted to find a simple KB plugin so we didn’t have to make one from scratch.

WP Knowledgebase looked pretty good so I decided to give it a shot and it worked out great!

Tracy Levesque

I had some problems, but the support is great! They helped me fix all of my problems and now the plugin is working like a charm!

Great plugin and great support, you should install it right now!

Panos Sakalakis

Join 4000+ website owners who use WP Knowledgebase to own their content and help their users