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Unlimited articles

Add and edit as many articles as you need, even with the free version.

Hierarchical Categories

Make it easier for your users to navigate your knowledge base by organizing everything in categories.

Articles and Categories Ordering

Order your knowledge base content the way you want it presented to your users.

Live Search

Offer your users easy access to answers. With live search, articles will be displayed right away, without the need to refresh the page.


Navigating a website can sometimes be difficult. Add breadcrumbs to your knowledge base, so your users always know where they are.

Article Feedback

Learn from user feedback. Place a feedback widget and form at the bottom of your articles to let your users share their experience with you.

Search Analytics

Stop guessing what your users are searching for. View each and every search query and adapt your knowledge base on hard data.

Content Restriction

Restrict your knowledge base only for logged-in users, for certain user roles or only for certain users.

Related Articles (coming soon)

Add a list of related articles at the bottom of an article, so your users always have access to answers.

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